Announcement and Call for Papers

In 1995 we held the first edition of this Conference for the purpose of publicizing the Ka Band satellites built by the Italian Space Agency, NASA and NASDA. This year, at the opening of the 16th edition, we heard Giuliano Berretta, chairman of Eutelsat, say that the "dream is now a reality" with the KaSat launch.

Yes, it is now a reality and one that is bringing new life to the communications satellite industry, the band that permits the construction of satellites with throughputs of 70 Gbps, that brings high speed internet beyond the reach of fiber, brings the internet to airplanes in the sky, and broadband communications to the battlefield. But high-speed communications is only one aspect of the satellite industry.

Satellite Navigation has become more significant in our everyday life, with more accurate systems being built, more direct flight control systems being explored, and more and more people using it to get to their destinations.
Finally, Earth Observation has increased its accuracy, has seen new ways to obtain data, is helping to better understand our environment, and is used to assist in assessing and containing damage caused by natural disasters.
In conclusion, satellites have become indispensable tools to maintain and advance our lifestyles, whether they are the multi-ton long life communications giants or the small, single purpose, experimental satellites often launched together with the large ones.

Our hope is that this Conference contributes to the advancement of the state of the art and publicizes the contributions of satellites to humanity.

To this end, we are soliciting papers in the following areas and, in the spirit of international cooperation, we invite the Space Agencies to join the Italian Space Agency in using this Conference to publicize their current accomplishments and future plans.

• Systems
• Applications
• Protocols
• Components
• Propagation
• Systems
• Applications
• Components
• Systems
• Applications
• Sensors
• Market Assessment
• Risk Management
• Legal & Insurance Issues
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