Satellites and the Internet

Bologna, October 12-14, 2015

The Ka Band Utilization Conference was founded to publicize the accomplishments in the use of Ka Band and Broadband applications for commercial purposes. Later, the scope of the conference was expanded to include Navigation and Earth Observation.
This year the conference is focusing on the latest activities in all manners of satellite communications: broadcast, point to point, mobile, internet, data relay, inter-planetary, optical and stored data downloading from sensing satellites and, in close cooperation with AFCEA, dual use systems
Emphasis will also be placed on the emerging activities at Q/V band, for which we will focus on the results of the communication experiments conducted on the Alphasat Q/V Experiment Package, along with the latest propagation results, thus adding to the data reported last year.
We have chosen Bologna as the site of the 21st Conference because it is the city that hosts the Fondazione Gugliemo Marconi. We will open the Conference with a Special Session entitled “From Marconi to the Smart Phone” to commemorate the invention of radio and the progress made in the field of wireless communications since that seminal event. To complement the Session, we will visit Villa Grifone, the house in which Marconi grew up and conducted his early experiments.

We invite you to join us in what will certainly be a memorable conference!

Thanks for coming to Bologna and see you next year at the Joint Conference in Cleveland, Ohio, on October 17-20, 2016!

Special Opening Session:
From Marconi to the Smart Phone

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Second General Assembly of Aldo Paraboni Experimenters

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  • Bologna seen from Asinelli Tower

  • Bologna: showing the Asinelli Towers

  • Bologna: piazza Maggiore - Palazzo D'accursio

  • Sasso Marconi: Villa Griffone, Mausoleum & Guglielmo Marconi Foundation


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