Communications Satellite Systems:  A Look Back at the First 50 Years and Thoughts on the Next 50

Cleveland, Ohio, October 17 - 20, 2016

About KA Conference

The conference, originally dedicated to the diffusion of information on all aspects of satellite communications at 20-30 GHz and higher frequencies, has over the years been expanded to include satellite broadband communications, satellite-aided navigation, and earth observation.
Conceived in 1993, and held for the first time in 1995, the Conference was created to publicize the achievements of the Italsat and ACTS satellites in opening the Ka frequency band for use in satellite communications.

The Conference was instrumental in publicizing the success of both satellites in demonstrating the usefulness of Ka-band through novel system approaches including digital communications, on demand rain compensation, hopping spot beams, on board switching, integrated services, demand-assigned channels, development of flight and ground components, and accurate propagation characteristics adopted throughout the world. The Conference continues to serve as a forum for Ka band, now that it is being used for internet service and distribution of television programming.

In recent years, the conference has widened its scope to reflect applications that provide other services that benefit mankind and that are unique to satellites, such as mobile broadband communications, satellite-aided navigation, and earth observation. These applications have proven their value in improving our everyday life, and hold the promise for many more enhancements to the existing systems on which we rely daily.
This change in direction has prompted the Italian Space Agency to use the Conference as a means of publicizing its space activities and to call it "a conference of the Italian Space Agency".

The conference is held annually under the auspices of ASI, CRC, DLR, ESA, NASA, NICT, and with the support of several communications satellite manufacturers and service providers from around the world.


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