Commercial Space Applications:  Transformation, Fusion and Competition

Trieste, Italy, October 16 - 19, 2017.

35th ICSSC Conference - Call for Papers

The 35th AIAA International Communications Satellite Systems Conference (ICSSC) and the 23rd Ka and Broadband Communications Conference, two most influential technical conferences on satellite communications systems, will be held jointly in Trieste, Italy, on October 16 through 19th, 2017.

The theme of the Joint Conference is Commercial Space Applications: Transformation, Fusion and Competition.

The rapid technology revolution, the big fusion due to the large scale services integration, the new launch options, the Leo and Geo constellations competition and the integration of the markets are driving and pushing towards a big transformation in communications satellite systems. The development of many new Leo systems and small satellites, stratospheric platforms, and Geo systems together with the future exploitation of the new Q/V and possibly W frequency bands are creating a big competitive environment.

With the environment of the The Big Transformation, The Big Fusion and The Big Competition, the 35th AIAA International Communications Satellite Systems Conference (ICSSC) is soliciting papers in all areas of activity covering the following topics:

  • New/Emerging Satellite Architectures and Concepts
    • Leo Constellations (Technology, System Complexity, Economic Viability)
    • Stratospheric Platforms (Technology and Market Perspectives)
    • Small Satellites (Technology, Missions, Flight Results and Market Perspectives)
    • Telecommunications Systems and Technology for Space Exploration (Moon, Mars and beyond)
    • Hosted Payloads

  • New Satellite Component Technology
    • High-Speed Optical Communications
    • Optical Payload Technologies
    • Network Protocols
    • Cognitive Communication Networks
    • Antenna Technology,  Reconfigurable Antennas, Active Direct Radiating Array
    • Q/V Band Technology, Experiments and Systems
    • High Data Rate Waveforms, Power and BW Efficient Modulation
    • High Speed Onboard Processing and Digital Payload Architecture and Technologies

  • Satellite Systems Research and Technology Development
    • Security (Physical Layer Through Network Layer)
    • Propagation Research Including Measurement and Modeling
    • Spectrum for New Services
    • Modular System Design
    • Systems Modeling, Market Assessment and Technology Forecasts
    • Integrated Applications and Services (Telecom, Earth Observation and Navigation)

  • New Satellite Markets
    • UTM (UAS Traffic Management)
    • Smart Cars/Smart Cities (Large Scale IoT)
    • Air Traffic Management, In-flight Entertainment, Airline Operations
    • Package Delivery via Drones
    • Launch Services
    • Commercialisation of Space (Tourism and Exploration)


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