Space Communications, Navigation and Earth Observation Systems in the 5G Era

Plenary Panels

Plenary Round Table

Ka band and commercialization of space

Moderator: Badri Younes
Deputy Associate Administrator, Space Communications and Navigation (SCaN), NASA HQ, USA

Plenary Panel 1

Optical Communications

Moderator: Pete Vrotsos
Director, Satellite Programs, ZIN Technologies Inc., USA

At the 24th Ka-band and 36th ICSSC Conference Plenary Session on Optical Technology and Systems, we heard for industry leaders on the rapidly maturing industrial technology base that will make optical communications price point ever closer to microwave communications. Just as the first Ka-band Conference ushered in the new capabilities enabled by the ACTS satellite, the 25th Ka-band Conference, we are going to explore the new capabilities and applications that optical communications will enable. This year’s panel will be industry leaders that will share their perspective on those new capabilities and applications.

Plenary Panel 2

High accuracy, authentication, precise timing: key GNSS enablers of future integrated applications

Moderator: Marco Lisi
Special Advisor to ESA, The Netherlands and Chief Technical Advisor to the European GNSS Agency, ESA, The Netherlands

Plenary Panel 3

The Disruptive Impact of 5G and Other New Technologies

Moderator: Chris Hoeber
CFH Engineering, USA (Consultant for the Communications Satellite Industry)

As we have for the past three years, we will examine the disruptive forces that are reshaping the space communications ecosystem, starting with the promise of ubiquitous high speed wireless 5G. This is the latest technology wave that is reshaping the communications satellite industry. The first wave was HTS systems that completely changed the bandwidth value proposition. Then came LEO systems, with their embrace of advanced low cost manufacturing techniques, and the rise of entrepreneurial NewSpace. LEO satellites and NewSpace overlap, and they may be two sides of the same coin. Add in the concurrent changes in the terrestrial communications world, with streaming video substituting for linear programming leading to a surge of cord cutting, and the result is a turbulent environment where the next wave of change occurs before the industry has had a chance to react to the last wave.


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