Moving Forward !

Salerno / Vietri (Italy), October 1-3, 2014

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Moving Forward!

The  20th Ka and Broadband Communications, Navigation and Earth Observation Conference will be held in
Salerno / Vietri, Italy, on October 1-3, 2014.

The Conference was founded in 1995 to promote the use of Ka Band in commercial satellite communications. Now that Ka Band is firmly established and has enabled the deployment of very successful satellites with greater than 100 gigabyte capacity, it is time for exploring higher frequencies to permit larger capacity satellites to serve more customers.
Many areas of the world are still without affordable communications and more spectrum is needed to serve them. This spectrum expansion will be accomplished by characterizing the Q and V bands using the recently launched Alphasat, which will enable the commercial communications satellite industry to move forward.

The Conference will continue to document the many advances being made in the satellite field, as new technologies and applications continue to be developed in Communications, Navigation, Earth Observation, and Deep Space Exploration.

It is for this reason that we rely on the satellite industry and institutions for participation, paper presentations, and for financial support, which can take the form of a general sponsorship of USD 7,000.00, which entitles the sponsor to the following benefits:

  • Corporate logo and link on the Conference web site,
  • Corporate logo on the cover of the Conference Final Program,
  • Corporate logo on the cover of the Conference Proceedings (volume),
  • One full page color advertisement on the Conference Proceedings (volume),
  • Corporate logo on the on-site signage,
  • Corporate logo projection between technical sessions,
  • Corporate logo projection during the opening and closing session,
  • Corporate logo displayed at the Registration Desk.

In addition to the above sponsorships, there are advertising opportunities to support Conference materials, specific activities and social events, such as:

  • Conference Proceedings (CD ROM),
  • Ka Band Conference Proceedings (volume),
  • Participant Bag,
  • Badge,
  • Badge lanyard,
  • Medallion,
  • Company brochures (literature) inserted in the Participant bag,
  • Conference Gala Dinner,
  • Welcome Cocktail Reception,
  • Luncheon,
  • Coffee Break

Exhibits, made up of 6-foot tabletops, are also available during the Conference. Space is limited and provided on a first come first served basis, along any other accommodations required to showcase your company and/or products.
The cost of the above opportunities will be agreed upon with the Conference Organization.

We hope that you find it possible to support the Conference and we would appreciate knowing of your intent to sponsor and advertise by January 31, 2014 such that your logo can be displayed as early as possible on the web site.
The advertisement page, along with the payment of the general sponsorship fee, should be received by August 1, 2014.

Please contact the Organizing Committee at

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