Space Communications, Navigation and Earth Observation Systems in the 5G Era

25th Ka and Broadband Conference - Program

The 25th Ka and Broadband Communications Conference will be held in Sorrento, Italy, from September 30th through October 2nd, 2019

The 25th Ka Conference technical sessions and panels under the joint conference theme of Space Communications, Navigation and Earth Observation System in the 5G Era, will focus on Satellite Challenges and Disruptive Changes in the 5G Era.

The conference will look at the evolution of telecommunication, navigation and Earth observation satellite systems; integration with the future 5G terrestrial networks; constellation and small satellite evolution; optical communications and extension of the 5G network to near Earth, lunar and deep space environments in support of human exploration; the latest results in propagation research at Ka, Q/V and higher bands; navigation applications such as vehicle autonomy; wideband data backhaul from scientific and remote sensing and the challenges of spectrum, interference and orbital debris management.

Highlights of the 25th Ka and Broadband Conference:

Keynote Address

Badri Younes

Deputy Associate Administrator, Space Communications and Navigation (SCaN), NASA HQ, USA

Technological Innovations in Space Communications

The keynote speech will focus on the interoperable space and how Ka-band is slated to play a major role in enabling it and meeting the Aerospace Industry’s need for 5G. Badri will talk about compatibility in space and new Ka-band radios that will allow users to roam in space.

Plenary Opening Round Table and Plenary Panels
  • Interoperable Space and Enabling Technology and Capabilities
    Moderator: Badri Younes, Deputy Associate Administrator, Space Communications and Navigation (SCaN), NASA HQ, USA
  • Optical Communications
    Moderator: Pete Vrotsos, Director, Satellite Programs, ZIN Technologies Inc., USA
  • High accuracy, authentication, precise timing: key GNSS enablers of future integrated applications
    Moderator: Marco Lisi, Special Advisor to ESA, The Netherlands and Chief Technical Advisor to the European GNSS Agency
  • The Disruptive Impact of 5G and Other New Technologies
    Moderator: Chris Hoeber, CFH Engineering, USA (Consultant for the Communications Satellite Industry)


Plenary Presentation
NASA Communications Services Program

Philip McAlister

Director of the Commercial Spaceflight Division at NASA, HQ, USA


17th BroadSky Workshop

Space Technologies Supporting Aviation
Chair: Naoto Kadowaki, Vice President, National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT), Japan


6th General Assembly of the Aldo Paraboni Propagation Experimenters Group (ASAPE)

An open forum of researchers performing propagation campaigns with the Aldo Paraboni payload and other satellite payloads at Q/V bands and beyond.




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